A layer cake is a curated bundle of 10″ squares of coordinating precut quilt fabric from a designer’s collection. Layer cakes are a quick & easy way to make big beautiful quilts! Use the filters to shop a wide selection of layer cake colors, themes & styles from top fabric designers. Layer Cakes make quilting a piece of cake! A layer cake is a bundle of 10″ squares of assorted fabrics, usually including around 40 squares per layer cake. Layer cakes are an affordable way to collect a variety of fabrics or coordinating patterns for scrap quilts or charm quilts. Pieces of the layer cake are easily used in 4-Patch and 9-Patch blocks.

Layer Cake: 42 – 10 inch squares of fabric (or 2 3/4 yards of fabric)
How many Layer Cakes do you need?
Twin Quilt: 1 pack
Queen Quilt: 2 packs
King Quilt: 2-3 packs (better get 3 just in case)