How it all started:

Around the first of March in 2015, Daniel and his beloved boxer Bailey Parker, (a.k.a. Boo Boo) moved from their home in Carbondale, Illinois to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. In a somewhat early state of retirement, Daniel found himself getting bored easily. Having sewed from age 7, taught by his Grandmas Glasco & Miller, he would sit at home and work on projects. His daughter and family suggested that he set up a small room where he could go, to get out of his house, and do his sewing and quilting that he loved so much. He found a location at 1217 North Kingshighway in Cape. While working on a quilt one day, his daughter called him and asked if he would have time to hem a client of her’s dress. Of course he accepted. Then another call from a family member to rebuild a dress for her senior prom. Then another friend, then another from his daughter’s client… His family would call him and ask where he was or where he was going, he would always say to sew, so the name started as, “so your going to your sewing room?” Today, some years later, The Sewing Room is in its 4th and final location. Having grown to a now 1,200 sq ft working environment. No longer are the hours or when I want to go in, but set shop hours of Monday – Friday 10:00am to 5:30pm. Daniel continues to carry the company phone with him 24 hours a day, for those “when an emergency arises”. Daniel built this company on the philosophy of “no need too big or too small”… Today that still holds true. For some the need is hemming, others repair, others quilting, but the best is just to come in and get some love from Boo. No matter what your need, we are here for you!!

Meet the Team

Daniel Glasco

Master Tailor / Owner / Instructor
Award winning quilter and Master alterations tailor, Daniel Glasco. Daniel has been sewing & quilting since he was age 8.  Taught by some of the leading quilters, his Grandmothers, selling quilts nationwide.  Since, Daniel has perfected his skills and talent. Now in his classes, he is bringing his skills and knowledge to help you learn this great and treasured art.